Press Releases


August 2014
Trimble Acquires Load Systems International to Integrate Crane Safety and Accuracy
into Construction Processes
Acquisition Combines Companies' Domain Expertise and Technology
Synergies Across Multiple Industries

October 2012
LSI-Robway is the new face of crane instrumentation

August 2012
LSI is ISO 9001:2008 Certified

May 2012
Load Systems UK is Open for Business

November 2011
LSI Introduces the LMI for Hydraulic Cranes

May 2011
LSI's new Radio Transmitters Division provides radio based networking solutions for general industrial applications

March 2011
LSI announces the global release of new wireless instrumentation products to increase crane safety and efficiency

May 2008
Load Systems International receives ATEX approval

May 2008
Load Systems International receives order from UK distributor

May 2008
LSI increases transmission range on entire line of products

April 2008
New product release for Load Systems International

April 2008
Load Systems International reports a strong first quarter