• Monitors up to 32 sensors simultaneously
  • Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum-Two Way Communication
  • Reception range: 4,300 feet / 1,300 meters
  • User settable limits and alarms for each installed sensor
  • Up to 40 hours battery life (dependent on setup)
  • USB port allows uploading of load charts or download of data logger content to USB drive
  • Operators can set up to 99 parts of line
  • Operating Temperature: -29F to +122F / -20 to +50
  • 4 Hours recharge time
  • Kit includes wall charging adaptor, car charging adaptor and pelican carrying case
  • User replaceable battery
  • Ram mounting bracket
  • 6" long, sunlight readable 2 line x 20 character per line LCD Display
  • Display will data log up to 15,000 events (Events can include: out of limit alarms, productivity data, etc.)
  • Data log content can be downloaded via a USB drive from the onboard USB port
  • Digital addressing allows users to easily add, change, remove sensors from the field
  • Sensors automatically quit transmitting 5 minutes after the display is turned off, this preserves sensor battery life
  • Diagnostic mode
  • Listening mode option for remote sensor monitoring



Trimble Lifting Solutions_GS553.pdf