If you work in an environment where gas may be present and you need a product that is corrosion resistant, then the GS820 stainless steel display is the solution for your application.
    Users now have the choice of buying our aluminum housed display or our new stainless steel display with standard CSA certification.

    The GS820 Display combines the ability to monitor a wide range of sensors, the capability of
    adding load charts to the system and a built in data logger for logging critical information.

    All communication between Trimble's Lifting Solutions sensors and the GS820 display is wireless. This eliminates cables, costly installation charges and expensive and time-consuming troubleshooting of cable breaks, junction boxes etc.  Our product is plug and play, ready to operate quickly and easily. If there is a sensor failure, the system tells the operator which part has an issue. 99% of the time the operator can resolve the problem, eliminating the need to have an onsite technician.

    Each application has different requirements for system security.  The GS820 offers users the
    ability to easily set password restrictions for all key operating aspects of the system.  In addition,
    the display has a supervisor password level allowing only a supervisor to access restricted areas
    of the display.

    The GS820 Display screen can be customized to show specific graphics that are useful for your application.  Using a transflective LCD display, the GS820 will automatically adjust its contrast and brightness to suit active light conditions.

    Each GS820 Display has a built in data logger that can monitor up to 32,000 events.  Data is downloaded with the onboard USB port to a USB drive.  Also, the USB port can
    be utilized to upload load charts via a USB Drive.  The display can store over 3,500 pages of
    load charts.



Trimble Lifting Solutions_GS820-CSA.pdf